Wicked Awesme Wikipedia Choreographers' Campaign

What is this campaign?

There is definitely a dearth of information about choreographers on the web.

When one searches the word "choreographer" in Wikipedia, it is appalling to find a measly list of 132 names. Many of the entries, including George Ballanchine's and Ulysses Dove's were flagged because they lacked supporting references.

Comparing this to the highly organized list of composers is even more troubling.

All of us at Monkeyhouse (including you) can rectify this problem. That's why we are launching the Wicked Awesome Wikipedia Choreographers' Campaign!

People always giggle when we say "Without you we'd be Monkeyhose," but it is true. You make this organization so vivacious and engaging. We know how brilliant you are and we would like to ask you to share your minds with the rest of the world.

Don't worry, you can change history without ever leaving the air conditioned comfort of your cozy couch. If you can type and click your mouse, then you've got what it takes to help Monkeyhouse.

Let's start creating Wikipedia pages for more worthy choreographers and improve the ones that already exist. Just think if we could add 10 pages a month, we could double the amount of information on Wikipedia about choreographers by August 2009!

Getting used to Wikipedia might take a little while, but once you get it down, the process of creating articles will become quick and easy. Why not start now? Please help us with our campaign for you, Monkeyhouse, and the dance world!

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