Barry Duncan in Brooklyn

Barry & Monkeyhouse
Monkeyhouse has been collaborating with Master Palindromist, Barry Duncan on a new piece for the Against the Odds festival (Look out for details about festival dates soon!).  Many of our supporters have been curious about how Barry thinks in reverse and this weekend folks in Brooklyn can find out first hand...

Making Nothing Happen:
The Strange Poetics of Barry Duncan, Master Palindromist (and his friends).

This is the first event of ArtHelix (formerly The Bogart Salon) that will take place at their temporary event space, The Seltzer Room, 102 Ingraham St. on Friday, November 16th (through to November 18).
Beginning the weekend of November 16th-18th the very first gallery exhibition of Barry Duncan, the world’s greatest palindromist, will be producing in real time a master work of artistic/poetic reversibility in situ. Like a modern day Michelangelo, Duncan will work on his large scale palindrome from a scaffold, creating for his audience an original master work of reversibility, but now for the first time his method of seeing the world “backwards” will be laid bare for all to witness. Alongside Duncan a host of artists (among them, Lisa Levy a self-proclaimed artistic psycho- therapist) will be working near Duncan interpreting his other palindromes in their own distinct styles. Using the famous adage of W.H. Auden that “poetry makes nothing happen”,  the gallery space will be a bee hive of poetic activity, but not in the traditional method of poetic recitation, instead the gallery will try and make visible the act of poetic process through art.

With an additional overlay that all during this time an independent filmmaker from Brooklyn, Michael Rossi, will be documenting this event for his forthcoming film on Duncan, entitled The Master Palindromist (see the trailer for this at www.rossifilms.com). So witness the poetic act firsthand, while all involved, including the artists and the audience, are offered to a session of “therapy”, and as all of this is being filmed. Thus, the mind of Duncan is made concrete, and visible…a poetic version of “Being John Malkovich” that allows for playfulness, connectivity, and strangeness, all crucial components of the actual artistic act, which are usually only inferred from the work in an exhibition, are now made central as the exhibition.

Opening Party Friday 6-9pm, November 16th
12-6pm Saturday/Sunday November 17th and 18th
102 Ingraham (opposite Brooklyn Fireproof)

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