Sabbatical Synopsis (part 1)

by Karen Krolak

Several people have asked me how I spent my sabbatical so I put together this list to give you a flavor of some of my favorite adventures. Thanks for all of you who encouraged this time away, I

* Lived in a palace in Orvieto, Italy while studying with Modern dance legend, Simone Forti (I awoke each morning to see the ceiling pictured on the left),

*Performed in Rome with a group of glorious improvisors from Italy, Croatia, Switzerland, Germany, England, Greece, Netherlands, and Turkey,

* Indulged in a Delicious Movement workshop with Eiko and Koma in the sumptuous ICA Boston theater overlooking the bay,

*Sussed out stories about slippers, boots, and sneakers as a professional blogger on Shoetube,

* Attended an Inter-collegiate Axe Throwing competition en route to Asheville, NC,

*Interviewed an emerging shoe designer in Iceland who envelops her soles in fish skins,

* Flung myself into the jaws of a giant model whale to create Christmas cards from Panama Beach, FL,

* Feasted with a collection of award-winning playwrights, directors, costume designers, and actors in Chicago, IL,

* Continued teaching my amazing students at Impulse Dance Center in Natick,

* Drooled over the dizzying displays of theater designs in the Collaborations exhibit at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, England,

* Ran down to New York, NY for a day for a sneak preview of Beowulf - Two Thousand Years of Baggage before it opened in San Francisco in May,

*Hustled through the Russian Disco section of Nut/cracked with David Parker and the Bang Group (If you missed it last year, you can see it again Oct 22- 26 in Boston. You can also read about David's newest creation here),

*Planted carrots, tomatoes, peppers, corn, lillies, zinnia, dahlias, garlic, onions, strawberries, basil, dill, and some renegade squash in our garden,

* Discovered 3 fabulous dancers, Julia Marx, Nikki Sao Pedro, and Caitlin Meehan while working a Space Grant through Green Street Studios,


Nut/cracked Rehearsal Photos

The Natick Tab ran a full page of photos from a recent rehearsal of David Parker and the Bang Group's Nut/cracked at Impulse Dance Center in Natick, MA. If you are curious to get a sneak peek inside the process of creating this show, be sure to check it out.


Jacob's Pillow Choreographers' Lab Follow Up

by Karen Krolak

My goodness! I have had some difficulty organizing all of my thoughts about the Choreographers' Lab. It was a tremendous and intense learning experience where I was surrounded by 14 other amazing artists:

Ojeya Cruz Banks
Martha Brim
Anne Bluethenthal
Julie Johnson
Mafa Makhubalo
Kate March
Alison Marshall
Dawn Robinson
Amanda Selwyn
Mila Thigpen
Steven Wright
Bill McLaughlin
Celeste Miller

I don't know that I have ever had the privilege of studying with such a well rounded and supportive group. When I applied, I was a bit afraid that I would be the oldest person there since so many people who attend the Pillow's programs are still in college. However, we ranged in age from 55 to 23 and almost half of the other choreographers were older than I am. People drew from dance experiences in Canada, England, Italy, South Africa, New Zealand, Ghana, and the US to discuss the variety of methods to engage communities through choreography.

Celeste Miller has an uncanny ability to get people to invested in each other's progress. Fortunately, the group is staying connected, continuing to collaborate on projects and to create artistic adventures together. So, I have decided to spread out interviews with this group throughout the coming year and hopefully that will give people a sense of how the program inspired us individually.


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