What's New in New York?

Last week it rained. And rained. Everything was dreary and muggy and everyone was soggy and cranky. It was my friend Kay's last week in New York before she moves across the country. There was a leak in my apartment my landlord is still trying to convince me is in my imagination.

Needless to say I arrived to Derick Grant's tap class on Wednesday ready for a vacation.

Somehow by the end of that hour and a half things had begun to turn around. Derick had put a piece of choreography together for some of the dancers in class, myself, Megan Bartula, Di Omiya and Richard Yoder. The piece, Four of a Kind, was then performed in the Faculty Showcase at Steps on Broadway this past weekend next to pieces choreographed by Karen Gayle, Nathan Trice and Jolea Maffei, to name a few.

While the rest of my week then exploded into a flurry of unexpected dress rehearsals, goodbye parties and performances on top of my usual classes and work, the rain began let up and everything started to dry out. Kay has safely arrived in LA and I started rehearsing for a new piece by Lynn Schwab that will be performed at Tap City this July. I think it's safe to say that Spring and all its insanity has finally hit New York City.


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