Cool New York Photos

by Nicole Harris

We have been performing at the Cool New York Dance Festival for a number of years now and every year the festival photographer Yi-Chun Wu takes some really really amazing photos. This winter, despite having to to travel through an insane blizzard to get there, Caitlin and Nikki performed Fidelius.  They looked beautiful, as always.  Here are just a few of the images Yi-Chun Wu captured.


Hannah Verlin's Knowing Not Knowing

by karen Krolak

When I mentioned Hannah Verlin's upcoming sculpture show, Knowing Not Knowing, in yesterday's post, I forgot to include any useful details for people who want to witness the next incarnation of Between Wave & Sky. Jason and I are planning to be at the Artist Reception so perhaps we will see you there.

Knowing Not Knowing
May 25 - June 26, 2011
Artist Reception
May 28, 4 -7PM
SOWA First Friday Reception
June 3, 5 - 8PM

Boston Scupltors Gallery 
486 Harrison Avenue
Boston, MA


Against the Odds Echoes On

by karen Krolak

Although it ended over a month ago, Against the Odds: Stories of Adaptation, Translation, and Survival continues to provoke discussions at dinner parties, rehearsals, and apparently around the Internet. In the past few weeks, Against the Odds has been mentioned in a webinar from the Center for Arts Management and Technology at Carnegie Mellon University called Inspiring Online Audiences: Jacob’s Pillow Dance Interactive and in Toronto's Creative Trust blog. In the webinar, Lisa Niedermeyer, Virtual Project Manager for Jacob's Pillow, explained that Monkeyhouse's use of Dance Interactive in Against the Odds is "hands down the deepest level of engagement that [Jacob's Pillow' Dance Interactive] could hope for."  I am truly humbled to hear such praise for our ideas from an organization that recently won the National Medal of Arts.

Oh, and starting next week, Hannah Verlin's installation for Against the Odds, Between Wave & Sky, will appear in her solo show, Knowing Not Knowing, at the Boston Sculptor's Gallery.  I loved that Hannah referred to this show in a recent email as "continuing the evolution" of Between Wave & Sky.  

Earlier in my career, I would often measure the success of a performance by the ticket sales or reviews. Since launching Monkeyhouse, however, I have discovered that these unpredictable reverberations provide much more satisfaction and are re-shaping my definition of success. Please contact me if there are other ways that Against the Odds sparks conversations or influences artistic works. I would love to know more about them.

New C2C Programs for Writers!

Do you enjoy reading about artists on the C2C blog?  Are you curious about the process of being a choreographer?  Are you looking to add some writing credits to your resume?  Have you always wanted to be on television?  Do you like to meet new exciting people?

Monkeyhouse is thrilled to announce the kick off of two new programs in conjunction with the C2C blog & C2C television program.  These programs will give you the opportunity to study with Monkeyhouse on the art of the interview, meet artists from all over the world and make a name for yourself as a writer in the process! 


C2C Internship
July-December 2011

Interns will have the opportunity to participate in a C2C workshop where they will receive training on how to conduct an interview and tools for transforming that interview for articles, blogging and television.  During the six month session interns will have access to a wide range of choreographers and will conduct a minimum of four written interviews and one television interview.

Applicants must be high school aged or older with means and permission to travel to Medford and Somerville, MA at least twice for training and filming.


C2C Blogger in Residence
July 2011 - June 2012

The Bloggers in Residence will have access to artists from major dance organizations and have the freedom to blog and conduct interviews pertaining to their own interests in the dance world.  During the one year program each blogger will generate a minimum of 12 posts (one per month) and be responsible for assisting with the editing process for material created by the C2C Interns.

Applicants must have completed the C2C Internship program or already have work published.


Help us Connect YOUR Community to Choreography!


Thanks for the Doodle, Google

by karen Krolak

As you probably noticed, Google's doodle paid homage to Martha Graham yesterday. I particularly enjoyed how Google was spelled out in retrograde.

It was a lovely way to weave dance into people's daily routines and it illustrated one of my favorite improv structures for kids. In fact, the kids at Moving for Meaning were just working on shaping the alphabet with their bodies that afternoon. It is amazing how 26 letters can inspire such a wealth of physical creativity.

So, as I was drifting off to sleep last night, I began noodling around with ideas for other ways to dance out Google and wondering about how other choreographers could be depicted. Wouldn't it be cool to see a series of doodles developed by a group of choreographers or kids learning to choreograph?  I am not sure where I should send this idea but I think it has some potential to spark interest in choreography in a very simple way. Hmmmm....suggestions anyone?


Audition Advice from J.R. Glover

by karen Krolak

After discussing the Samba workshop at Jacob's Pillow with J. R. Glover, I asked her for some general advice about how dancers can stand out in an intense application process. As the Director of Education at the Pillow, J.R. sifts through hundreds of applications/auditions each year. She immediately provided a really articulate answer worthy of an independent post: 

First of all, the Education Department staff is very friendly and helpful. Dancers should always call or email us with any questions they have; no question or concern is too small.  We worry that we miss out on talented dancers because they assume they are not ready for The School at Jacob’s Pillow. In reality, the Pillow might be just the experience they need to push their dancing to the next level! 

We know that some dancers hold back from submitting a video audition for a variety of reasons.  Some think it’s too hard to produce, others fear it won’t be reviewed as favorably as an in-person audition, and others feel that if they can’t make it perfect, they shouldn’t bother. Dancers tend to be perfectionists and very hard on themselves.

We’re really happy to talk to anyone about how to make the video so they are more comfortable about submitting one. They have to remember that dancers from all over the world, where in-person auditions are not held, are submitting video auditions. And, as with live auditions, dancers cannot predetermine what the panel of adjudicators is looking for.  If they want to be considered, they must be in the room.  So it is the same with a video audition, if they don’t apply then there is no way we can consider them.

We are looking for talent and dedication, not a perfectly produced video. Every applicant gets equal, serious, and respectful consideration for a place in The School.  It’s always worth auditioning if you want to train here. Even if not admitted the first time you audition, you will be better positioned for next time. We love to see dancers grow from year to year.


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