Happy June Birthdays!

Happy June Birthdays! 

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ChoreoFest Revisited - Ryan P. Casey

With Luminarium Dance's ChoreoFest applications due next week, we thought we'd take a moment to check in with last year's choreographers and do a quick follow-up on what the last year has had in store for them.  Here's our dear friend Ryan P. Casey!

Photo Credit: Cynthia Griffith Clayton

N: Have you used the piece you created during ChoreoFest? In what way?
RPC: No; it was just for fun. But it was a chance to continue exploring our use of characters and incorporating different styles of dance.

N: What advice do you have for this year's participants?
RPC: Perhaps more so than usual, be willing to run with whatever ideas come to mind right away and be happy with them, whether you love them or not. There's not a lot of time to second guess and change things, of course, so give yourself permission to just roll with whatever your group is developing. "First thought, best thought," as Brenda Bufalino taught me!

N: What is your favorite memory from last year's festival?
RPC: I'm sure I'll never forget editing "Yakety Sax" at some ungodly hour of the night! Only at ChoreoFest!

N: What have you been up to in the last year?
RPC: We've been busy developing a new show, "Unbound," that we'll be touring beginning in October! It's a rhythmic romp through some of our favorite literature.

N: Where can people see you/your work these days? Any upcoming performances?

RPC: I'm hosting (and performing in) DanceNOW Boston at The Dance Complex on June 10; the next day, we're dancing in Harvard Square for Dance for World Community. Later this summer, on July 24, we're performing in Provincetown as part of Cape Dance Festival!

Check out Ryan's interview from last year here!  And don't forget to put ChoreoFest on your calendar for September 10th!


#geochoreography for JUNE!

Here are June's #geochoreography prompts!  Don't forget that you can find a new prompt each Friday on Monkeyhouse's Facebook!  Post your adventures using #geochoreography and we will feature as many as we can!


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