C2C #4 - Transitions and Cambridge Connections

by karen Krolak

Yesterday's post on the Cambridge Connections project at Endicott College has generated a bunch of questions and comments from people. Unfortunately, I am about to head up to Beverly for today's workshop. Luckily, however, Nikki Sao Pedro, the creator of Cambridge Connections, is our guest on the current episode of C2C: Connect to Choreography. So if you can't join us in the studio this afternoon, you might want to check out C2C. There are a couple of great clips from Urbanity Dance, one of the other companies involved in Cambrige Connections. Be on the lookout for Betsi Graves Akerstein, Urbanity's Artistic Director, next month on C2C. 


Monkeyhouse workshop at Endicott College

by karen Krolak

Supporting Caitlin Meehan in Chor-i-dor at ArtBeat 09
Yikes! Looking over the posts from the last month, I just realized that I need to remind you about Monkeyhouse's partnering workshop at Endicott College in Beverly tomorrow. As part of the Cambridge Connections: Urban Dance at Endicott  program,  I will be leading a class about the basics of lifting and weight sharing from 12 - 2.

Most of Monkeyhouse's dancers will be sticking around after to rehearse for the concert on November 6 (yes, that is the day after our appearance at Movement at the Mills on Friday, November 5! This is going to be a wild week.) and class participants are welcome to stay and watch our creative process.

Must dash off to a faculty meeting at Impulse Dance Center now but I hope to see you at least one of our events this week.

Monkeyhouse Dance Workshop
Saturday, October 30
12 - 2PM
Open to ages 15 - adult
$30/ Free to Endicott  ID holders
367 Hale Street
Beverly, MA

This program is supported in part by a grant from the Beverly Cultural Council, a local agency which is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council. 

Princess Pamplemousse's Dance Party for Pumpkins!

Princess Pamplemousse performing at BoomTown
by karen Krolak

As the hallways outside our office echo with the squeals of mini-goblins and monsters, I remembered that I had a treat to share with you. Springstep is hosting a free Halloween extravaganza on October 31st and everyone aged 4- 88 is invited. Starting at 2PM, Monkeyhouse's Princess Pamplemousse will get the event hopping with a Dance Party for Pumpkins open to kids 4- 8 years old. So jump into your costume and unleash your creative spirit as we brew up a batch of energetic moves. At 3:30 local jazz dance legend, Adrienne Hawkins, will guide anyone from 8 - 88 through the zombie moves of Michael Jackson's Thriller.

Don't worry if you have kids who are too young to participate, feel free to bring them anyway. They can watch or create Halloween crafts while YOU dance. Oh, and there will be sweet treats provided by Off the Vine Catering.

98 George P Hassett Dr
Medford, MA 02145


Act Fast & Just Give Adds $10 to donations!

Artistic Director, Karen Krolak,during a residency at the Groton School April 2010
As you know we are heading into fundraising season here at Monkeyhouse. This week for example, we are knee deep in grant writing. We just heard some exciting news form another organization celebrating its 10th anniversary, though, and we wanted to share it with you. Just Give is giving away an extra $10,000 to nonprofits by adding an extra $10 to a donation from each donor. Click here to take advantage of this offer.

Originally, they planned to run this incentive from 10/10/10 to 10/20/10 (which just happens to be Karen Krolak's birthday...wouldn't an extra fundraising push be a great present for her?) but they blew through $10,000 in the first two days of the promotion. Apparently, another donor has given them another $10,000 to give away. So please consider acting quickly and making a donation through Just Give today.

If just 100 of you donated $10, we could raise $2000...enough to cover our rent for 4 months or bring dance programming to several schools this year. 100 people isn't that many when you consider how many individuals read this blog on a regular basis. Thanks for your support, we could not run this organization without you.

Dance in the Fells Photo of the Day

by karen Krolak

Since we had interviewed Sara Smith as part of the series on The Boston Dance Alliances Open Call Auditions, I thought you all might enjoy this shot of her piece at Panther Cave from Dance in the Fells. Keep sending your impressions from the festival in as we love the dialogue that is developing.
Sara Smith at Panther Cave
Photo Credit: Melissa Dollman


Dance in the Fells Photo of the Day

Oh my whistles and stars, we have a double treat today...

A link to a quirky video of Dance in the Fells by Jim Haddadin &
Monkeyhouse at Wright's Tower
Another sassy shot by Melissa Dollman


Dance in the Fells Photo of the Day


by karen Krolak

Thank you Kyna Hamill and Wanda Strukus for inviting Monkeyhouse to particpate in such a magnificent festival this weekend. I was stunned that hundreds of people gathered at Wright's Tower to share in Monkeyhouse's latest creation, Æ, at Dance in the Fells. I am so impressed that you two created such a flawless festival on your first attempt. It was a glorious autumnal afternoon to dabble in Sisyphean imagery.

As I mentioned in a post about inspiration, Monkeyhouse hoped that this project would spark an artistic dialogue with audience members. We were delighted when people arrived armed with cameras, video equipment, and other ways to record their experiences. So, please, please, please send in your stories, pictures and footage of any of the choreographic works. People have already begun emailing in links to flicker pages and we are eager to see more. 

Melissa Dollman deserves some kind of Dance in the Fells merit badge. She walked from Davis Square to Medford Square to catch the Fells shuttle bus. Then she swung down to Panther Cave to soak up Sara Smith's piece before heading up to our 5:00 performance. She even helped us lug an awkward assortment of props back down to the car at the end of the day!

Is it any wonder that she was the first brave soul to volley a slew of pictures our way? We will be featuring several of her shots in the coming days. Today's photo captured Caitlin Meehan perched on a rock responding to Aaron Ximm's lush field recording, Buriganga Canon. Oh, and Melissa, Monkeyhouse loves you and will be sending you a t-shirt!


Parking for Dance in the Fells

by karen Krolak
snapped at a recent rehearsal

Can you feel the buzz building? Daily Candy's Weekend Guide urged folks to head over to Dance in the Fells. The Stoneham Sun spoke to John Kramer about choreographing canines in the Sheepfold. Karen Campbell included Two Road's fledgling project in her critic's choice for the Boston Globe.

While it is still rather gray outside this afternoon, the clouds are glowing more so perhaps the sun will make an appearance soon. Weather reports for Saturday suggest that it will be a fantastic time to explore the Middlesex Fells and around Monkeyhouse we are keeping our fingers and toes crossed that the ground will be dry.

Knowing that crowds might make parking a bit tricky, I wanted to encourage people to take the free shuttle from Medford City Hall - 85 George P. Hassett Drive (right across the street from Monkeyhouse's office at Springstep). Look for the Joseph's Limousine shuttle bus running a loop every 20-25 minutes beginning in front of Medford City Hall at 12:00 PM. Stops include:

A. Medford City Hall
B. Sheepfold
C. Bellevue Pond
D. Long Pond/Molly's Spring

You will want to hop off the shuttle at Bellevue Pond to get up to Wright's Tower and there will be volunteers to help guide you. As you pass the pond, be on the lookout for Lorraine Chapman's ghostly piece. We can't wait to see you.

Dance in the Fells Photo of the Day

Photo Credit: Michael Hoy


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