Chor-i-dor - Favorite Moment #1 - Change?

by Karen Krolak

When we first arrived at the wisteria shaded benches on Holland Street, a woman was finishing her cigarette and asked people for change. Although she seemed apathetic, she watched us intently as we set up our sandwich board explaining Chor-i-dor.

Adele Traub texted me looking for assistance with the Actor's Shakespeare Project booth down by Diesel Cafe for a few minutes. When I returned, the smoking woman had wandered away. Art Beat was just starting to gather crowds and our first observer had melted into the flood of unfamiliar faces flowing through the festival. In the midst of her discarded butts, I quickly scribbled the word, Change, in pink chalk to commemorate her presence.

As noon approached, more people darted over towards Chor-i-dor to cool off or slather on sunscreen. I was frantically notating all the action when I observed an overheated woman. She dashed to a bench to struggle free from an unnecessary layer of clothing. In her haste to squirm into a cooler t-shirt she never registered any of the activity around her. Otherwise, she might have been as amused as I was to note that she was perfectly performing the verb beneath her feet: change. Alas, I could not get to my camera in time to snap her picture.

(Chor-i-dor is sponsored in part by the Somerville Arts Council, a local agency supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council.)

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