Guest Artist At Dancing Arts Center

by Karen Krolak

If you are out in the suburbs of Boston today searching for an artistic adventure, I highly reccomend dropping by the Dancing Arts Center in Holliston, MA. At 4:30 and 6:30, students will present a diverse selection of Ballet, Modern, Jazz, and Flamenco pieces created during the 2009 summer session. For the last three weeks, I have been a guest artist for the Elementary Intermediate level Modern classes. In addition to my work, the concert will feature works by Karyn Edison, Wayne Stewarte, Erica Drew, and Adrienne Hawkins .

My piece, Infinite???, was inspired by text messaging and two tracks off of a CD included in the July 2007 issue of the Believer Magazine. With only 15 hours of rehearsal, I began with improvisations to develop vocabulary that would be familiar to this group. Having been mesmerized by David Parker's 10th anniversary performance at Summer Stages Dance the Thursday before I started, I borrowed one of his favorite exercises. Just using the phrases that the girls created with it, we whipped the first section together in five days. Now I understand why David is so fond of this choreographic tool.

Even though these dancers are classically trained, they have been very willing to embrace my rather unorthodox teaching methods and the slapstick style of this piece. I am looking forward to seeing how it kicks off the concert.

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