Congratulations to MCC fellowship grantees

by karen Krolak

This afternoon I received an email announcing the 2010 Choreography Fellowships from the Massachusetts Cultural Council. Congratulations to all of this year's grantees:

Deborah B. Abel Carlisle $7500
Dawn Lane Stockbridge $7500
Sarah Slifer Gloucester $7500
Judith Wombwell Andover $7500
James S. Coleman and Terese Freedman Amherst $500
Erica Dankmeyer Williamstown $500
Anna Myer Cambridge $500
Wendy Woodson Amherst $500

Thanks also to all of the panelists, Jeremy Alliger (Executive Producer, Alliger Arts), Mesma Belsare (Choreographer, Dancer), James Martin (Associate Professor of Dance, New York University Tisch School of the Arts), and Amy B. Spencer (Co-director, Spencer/Colton Dance Company), who sifted through all 58 applications.

Although I am pleased to reside in a state that still supports independent choreographers, I am always saddened to remember that these grants used to provide twice the amount of funding when I moved back to Boston in 1996. At any rate, I look forward to learning more about several of these choreographers whose names are new to me. For example, I would love to see Dawn Lane's piece, Mattress Ticking, which explores the physical and artistic potential of a dancer with Huntington’s Disease. Perhaps we can even coax a few into being interviewed for the blog or C2C...

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