Cultivate Memories (part 3)

by karen Krolak
Returning again to my impressions from Selene Colburn's and Paul Benney's Bethlehem Walking Tour at Cultivate 2011, I was amused by this trio of pictures. In each one the landscape was giving movement instructions. Something that was even more interesting since I could not fully accomplish them. The door in the first photo was locked. Alas, no one had mentioned that I should bring a horn for the second one. And my phone did not have coverage to look up the website of the sticker on the window.

How often is our behavior choreographed by the environment around us on a daily basis? What happens when we can't or don't want to obey?

Again, I have no idea if this is related to what Paul and Selene intended their piece to evoke. These questions just sprang from my observations about the things that captured my attention during the experience.

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Arthur Fink said...

Are these signs distractions, are they part of the choreographic intention, or are they part of the unimaginable complexity of the environment in which the work is set? For me the engaging and often beautiful fantasy that Paul and Selene created was as interesting as the real (and for me quite new) environment.

When a piece is set on stage, the choreographer (and set designer, lighting designer, sound designer, etc) have relative control. Here that control is not possible, and that's part of the pleasure.

It's interesting that within this fantasy tour, your read the signs literally. Paul and Selene were playing with us very effectively.


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