Outside Voices

by Courtney Wagner

Eva Dean Dance joins us for Against the Odds!
Photo by Jonathan Keith
Remember how I mentioned how important musings are and how so many great ideas come out of them?  This has included the chance to work with other artists during guest-led musings like Eva Dean, Risher Reddick, and Lynn Schwab  as part of last year's Against the Odds.  Since it was such a success, Karen decided to make Season 11 about including Outside Voices, citing that it would be good for the company to work with other established artists and broaden our horizons and repertoire.  

Nicole performing a piece choreographed for
Against the Odds by Lynn Schwab
Photo by Jonathan Keith
What an exiting opportunity to have new works set on us!  For the upcoming season we already have several works in mind with some Outside Voices.  This includes Mariah Steele, who met with Karen after the January 2010 installment of Movement at the Mills and subsequently performed with us for with her company Quicksilver Dance in Against The Odds.  While she's been secretive with the details of what she has in store for use, she will be setting a new work on the company and it may or may not be based on some of the work she was creating for her thesis project.  Risher Reddick opened our eyes to the world of choreographed combat which proved to be a fun an enlightening study in body language, tone, and communication with the audience.  Who knew that the same simple movement performed in two distinct ways could have such a different read within the audience.  We look forward to delving deeper into this.  Happily cleared for dancing again, Nicole is excited to start working with Josh Hilberman on a new solo.  Meanwhile Karen and Nikki have been working on a piece dedicated to reversibility and a movement palindrome to be set to Master Palindromist Barry Duncan will even be featured in a documentary!

Karen's and Monkeyhouse's support for Outside Voices can be seen not only in bringing in guest artists for new work, but also the C2C positions and residencies and mentoring programs.  We are happy to announce we are looking for new interns for the C2C internship for 2012 and Nicole and Karen are excited to continue to develop this program.  As you can see we have lots of exciting things in store for Season 11 and Outside Voices will definitely be playing a key role.  However, all of these extra influences will require some extra support.

If you are interested in seeing more collaborations with area choreographers and opportunities for us to develop and expand, then think about supporting Outside Voices as part of our new Yearly Campaign Program.  This program is designed to allow supporters to have their donations funneled toward a certain part of the organization.  This can include infrastructure and keeping us in our beautiful Springstep home, individual company members, special projects like Nicole's work with PD, or fostering creativity and blossoming with musings and visiting artists.  

For less than a dollar a day ($25/month to be precise) your donation could help directly support and fund future projects with fabulous people.  Although the Yearly Campaign is designed for recurring monthly donations, the recur option is not required and information about personalizing your donation is available on our website.  

Click HERE to be redirected to our website for further information about the Yearly Campaign.  You'll find descriptions about the other facets of Monkeyhouse to sponsor as well as links and instructions.  And keep an eye out for future posts about more facets of Monkeyhouse!

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