Welcome to Against the Odds!

Welcome to Against the Odds, a different kind of festival.  Against the Odds celebrates artists who investigate how to overcome obstacles.  This year we were inspired by Monkeyhouse dancers who struggle with uncommon health issues and so the 2012 Against the Odds Festival, Imperfect(ive) Experiments, specifically looks at how people can make physical poetry out of imperfect bodies.  Whether developing the medical limitations set on one dancer into opportunities to create new vocabulary, exploring the relationship between two dancers when one is blindfolded or playing with a group of performers connected to each other by 16 foot sleeves, we are experimenting with the perceptions and realities of the imperfect body.

Monkeyhouse began with a promise to build a laboratory where choreographers could create, experiment and present new work.  Our mission has developed to include motivating people to move with meaning and improving communication by connecting communities to choreography.  Over the years we have mentored, nurtured and supported dozens of choreographers ranging from students first experimenting to established favorites.  We’ve had hundreds of conversations about different choreographic processes that stimulate or inspire new directions for our work and helped foster long term relationships with presenters, audience members and other choreographers.  

When we first came up with the idea to build a festival it was not about featuring our own work or even making a “dance festival” but about creating a gathering of choreographic expressions, in a wide range of disciplines.  We hunger for events that bring communities together in a way that fosters an exchange of ideas, greater understanding between participants and lasting relationships.

We are thrilled to announce some of the artists we will be working with during the 2012 Against the Odds Festival.  Keep an eye out for more additions to this list as we get closer to the start of the festival!

Watch out for interviews with all the artists here on C2C!

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