You CAN Make a Difference!

If you're anything like us, you are sick of all these campaign ads and never ending political badmouthing.  Luckily, no matter what the turnout is Tuesday, the ads will be over.  But first comes the moment where you get to make a difference in the future of the country and the lives of those around you.  We have talked exhaustively about the economy and the sustainability of our nation moving forward.  No matter which side of the presidential race you land on, what you say and do matters because you are a part of the 99%, the 47%, the 1% and all the other groups and populations being discussed. 

In between presidential debates we have had a similar series of conversations here at Monkeyhouse.  This year we lost not only three loved ones but some of Monkeyhouse's biggest supporters, artistically, financially and personally.  We are also facing the recent news that Springstep, our artistic home, is closing and the building is for sale.  These two major events combined mean some really big changes around the office, starting with the fact that we may not have regular rehearsal space very soon.  How do we keep this organization that started with a promise, was created by the pure will of one person and has grown to be bigger than any of us could have imagined when we got in that van twelve years ago, a functioning sustainable organization amidst all this chaos?

How do we develop the sustainability of Monkeyhouse and what can YOU do to help?   
  1. Take a minute to think about how choreography plays a role in your life. Is it a performance that you've seen that stretches your idea of what the human body is capable of, or the way that you know what people are thinking based solely on their body language, or the way that dancing stimulates the nerves in your brain triggering new thoughts and ideas.  
  2.  Share these discoveries with the people around you and you might be surprised by what you learn about them and yourself in the process. This spark to get people moving with meaning is at the heart of Monkeyhouse. 
Even a ten dollar donation can provide for rehearsal space or teaching tools for elementary school programs. Sharing a dance performance with new audience members will build our community, person by person. A hundred dollar donation can subsidize the cost of a dance class for someone with Parkinson's Disease who has limited resources. Volunteering for events or to help spread the word will help free up members of the organization to develop new ideas. For five hundred dollars you can provide music rights for two new pieces. A weekly donation of two hours will help generate educational content for our monthly newsletter. A donation of one thousand dollars can support the work of a series of outside choreographers to be part of Against the Odds. Every penny, every thought, every action given towards our goal will help connect your community to the choreography that exists in all our lives.    

Already, a few things that have taken place since August that give us hope for not just moving beyond but strongly rising above our current situations. 
  • This fall, Monkeyhouse gained not one but FOUR interns who have again and again reminded me why Monkeyhouse is important.  They have risen to the challenge of large sections of the blog and newsletter with intelligence and style.  They have begun volunteering at events and spreading the word about Monkeyhouse to a whole new population of people.
  • At Your Just Desserts in September we had a large showing from our teen students in Natick.  They even banded together to bid on (and win!) a homemade apple pie from Pam Harris.  This outpouring of love and support from so many young people means a whole new generation of supporters of the arts!
  • Speaking of Your Just Desserts, our amazing event committee consisted largely of people who are brand new to Monkeyhouse!  We are so grateful for all their help and look forward to working with them again!
  • We have had $1200 in donations from people commemorating members of the Krolak family, keeping their love for Monkeyhouse alive.

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