David Parker Awarded 2013 John Simon Guggenheim Fellowhip

By: Elyssa Berg

Congratulations to David Parker who has recently received the John Simon Guggenheim fellowship this year for his creative accomplishments! Every year, out of 3,500 - 4,000 applicants, there are 200 fellowships awarded to those who have demonstrated exceptional creativity in the arts. This fellowship provides a block of time in which the recipient can work with as much creative freedom as possible to continue to develop their work. Applicants include "advanced professionals" such as writers, scholars, scientists, composers, artists, choreographers, and more.

David Parker is choreographer and founder of, The Bang Group. This is a company that is strongly based on the focus of rhythmic potential in the body. You may know David for his comedic take on choreography that will be sure to keep you laughing and entertained. He is sure to push the comedic limits with pieces full of concepts that you may have never seen before. David expresses himself through this comedy as he is able to instill messages in his choreography that people are likely to take with them, along with a few laughs.

The Bang Group has internationally toured and also spent an ample amount of time at Summer Stages Dance Festival in Concord, MA for their past 12 seasons. You may know The Bang Group for their performance of Nut/Cracked ( a comedic take on the holiday classic Nutcracker) or Showdown. Through The Bang Group you can see everything from men on pointe shoes, to bubble wrap choreography, and even thumb sucking duets. David's creative mind will never fail to allow you into a world of his own; full of entertainment, laughs, and lots of rhythm.

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