My Favorite Things

by Katelyn Alcott

Photo Credit: JK Photo

Not only did we get favorite moments from company members but we got some from our interns too!  Here's Katelyn's take on the festival.   -Nicole 

As a spectator at the Festival I had the unique prospective of watching as an outsider while still holding knowledge about parts of the rehearsal process. The evening opened with a dance performed by some of my classmates whom I had seen earlier in the rehearsal process. The group was representing a monotonous society changed by just a few people into something more creative and beautiful. For the rest of the evening this though was in my mind as I watched the extraordinary dancing that occurred. The evening seemed to embody that piece. A small group of dancers set on making the way we see the world anything but ordinary. I witnessed the obvious trust in company members as they balanced on yoga balls and felt my heartstrings plucked by spoken word poetry. Dances that represented the struggle for acceptance of body and mind took my breath away. I was watching as a small group of people turned aSunday evening into something creative and beautiful, and it was a lovely experience.

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