Meet Jacob Rosen!

We are excited to introduce two new interns for 2014 and welcome back an old one!  First, meet Jacob Rosen.  Jacob has been a student of Nicole's at Natick High School for two years now.  He is a hard working, dedicated performer who is always thinking.  We're excited to have him around Monkeyhouse!

Jacob Rosen is a Sophomore in High School and an impulsive performer. In addition to theater he is involved with multiple choral ensambles, including the Natick High School Advanced Choir and the Natick High School Mens "Style" Ensamble. Jacob is also a member of the Natick High School Speech Team, where he has placed and thrived in events such as Humorous Interpretation, Play Reading and Dramatic Performance, also qualifying and competing in the National Catholic Forensic Leagues National Tournament of 2013. He is more than ecstatic about interning at Monkeyhouse. Jacob was privileged enough to be dancing and jiving with what appears to be grace in school productions under Nicole's wonderful and honest choreography for 2 years now. He is a true believer of the quote "A dream is only a dream until you make it real." It does not matter to him that the quote is spoken by Harry Styles of One Direction, it still rings true to him. Jacob loves Mokeyhouse and he doesn't care who knows. A child prodigy whom remains undiscovered, he would like to thank his Mother and Father for obvious reasons and others reasons that are not so clear. Also he would like to thank those who gave him this wonderful opportunity, Nicole and the wonderful company Monkeyhouse.

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