Getting to Know the Board: Jon Schaffrath

by Caitlin Meehan
I "virtually" talked with our board member Jon Schaffrath and discussed his experiences so far in fundraising and organizing.
C: So you are a member of Monkeyhouse's board- what has your experience been like so far?
J: It has been great!  I had the opportunity to join the board a little over three years ago as the organization was celebrating the 10th Anniversary and looking forward to how it will sustain itself and continue to exceed expectations into the future.  Going to meetings to discuss the strategy for the organization is always inspiring and it is very fulfilling to know that I (as a non-artist, but big appreciator) am able to contribute in some way to such impressive and meaningful work.
C: We are glad to have such enthusiastic support! Have you been on the board of another arts or dance organization before? (If so, how was it different?)                     
J: I have not been on the board of another dance organization, but I am involved with the GOLD Board at Boston College (Graduates of the Last Decade) and have had significant volunteer experiences at the Dover Church, and Babson College.  For each of these organizations I have enjoyed being able to have an impact on the direction of the organization moving forward.

C: know that you are working with Harvard Business school now- what would you say drew you to nonprofit fundraising?
J: I kind of fell into nonprofit fundraising seven years ago when I landed an entry level job at HBS.  I have had the good fortune to move up in the fundraising tract of the organization and really loved it.  In addition to my work at HBS I now also am an instructor of fundraising at Boston University Metropolitan College and at the Harvard Extension School.  For me I love connecting people with the organization, inspiring individuals to have a real impact with their philanthropy and building deep relationships with those people.

C: It's fortunate for us that you discovered your inspirational and fundraising skills and continue to apply them! Thank you for giving us some Monkeyhouse Board insight!

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