Captured by Kezia

sway by Kezia Fitzgerald featuring Kate Stevens
by karen Krolak

Hot dog! After contacting Kezia Fitzgerald yesterday about Dance for Saoirse!, she eagerly agreed to let Monkeyhouse share some of her photography here. This series of images just feels like springtime to me.

And given that Kwaq7aj' and I just took a stroll through Somerville where neither of us needed a jacket, one could almost dare to think that winter will soon be over. Oh, and speaking of things ending soon...folks only have 8.5 more hours to register to attend Dance for Saoirse. At the stroke of midnight, they have to close the guest list.
Jump for Joy by Kezia Fitzgerald featuring Tabitha Liversidge

Pointe by Kezia Fitzgerald featuring Tabitha Liversidge
Much like Arthur Fink,  Kezia's photos evoke the mood of the dancer's movements. I enjoy how the crisp staccato rhythm of the moments in her pictures contrasts the fluid line of intertwined limbs or overlapping costumes. If you glance too quickly, you could be fooled into thinking that there is a trio of performers. By translating choreography this way, viewers have an experience that isn't possible as an audience member.
rhythm by Kezia Fitzgerald featuring Tabitha Liversidge

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