Dance'n Feet @ DWC Saturday

by karen Krolak

Saturday is a special day for me filled with performances by some of my favorite dancers. Over the course of the afternoon, my choreography will be presented by second graders on up to seniors...both the kind that are graduating high school and ones in their seventies. While I will spend the day in Natick cheering on my students from Impulse Dance Center, the mighty women of Dance'n Feet will be showing off their splits, lifts, and head stands at the 6th annual Dance For World Community festival in Harvard Square.

If you have never seen Dance'n Feet before, I think they will surprise you with their chutzpah and acrobatics. Between the group of twelve women in their 60's and 70's, they have dozens of grandchildren. Some members have survived cancer while others have endured through the loss of a spouse. One of them performed on Broadway before she settled down to raise a family. Each week at their rehearsals, I marvel at their willingness to embrace challenging physical exercises. They do not obsess about mistakes and they relish their rapid progress. They dance because they can.

I am so proud of Dance'n Feet and wish that I could be there as they perform to Uncle Monsterface's take on Madonna. If you attend this free event, please hoot, hollar, and just shout strange sounds for me.

Dance ľn Feet
2:10 PM

Massachusetts Ave. between Remington and Bow Streets
Harvard Square, Cambridge

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