Get to Know Kimberleigh A. Holman

Recently, the amazingly talented Kimberleigh A.
Holman took some time to talk to us about cultural connections and inspirations that have influenced her work. Kimberleigh is not only a beloved Monkeyhouse supporter, she is one of the founding Artistic Directors of a fellow Boston based company, Luminarium Dance Company. Get a glimpse of the inner workings of her mind here and don't forget to check out some of the  beautiful work she has created with Luminarium! 

AC: How did you get involved with the Armory? 
KH: I officially became a board member at the Armory after helping with a fundraiser and deciding it was an organization I supported, and one that I cared to see succeed in the Greater Boston community.  Before that point in time, Luminarium had produced a few of our shows there and I just loved the space.  It's a great-big open-canvas of a purple-ceilinged venue!

AC: Why do you feel it's important to showcase racially and culturally diverse artists?
KH: Oh goodness, I could write and write on the importance of sharing art across cultures.  For the sake of brevity, I find immense value in exchanging ideas, history and culture.  By sharing in this sense we can learn and gain understanding about fellow inhabitants of this planet.  Many art forms don't rely on words and language, so it's thrilling to have a communicative experience where literally speaking the same language isn't necessary to emote and express.  At bare minimum, having access to a performance from another part of the world is fantastic just to get a chance to see the global spectrum of creativity!

AC: As a choreographer/ designer/ artist-at-large, do you find inspiration in seeing other performers? 
KH: Of course!  I think as a creator of performance, going to see as many performances and performers in action as possible isn't just entertainment, it's a learning tool.  Also, the exceptionally good performances have something magic in the air, a special something beyond content, that leaves me with a bit of a glow. If I'm feeling stumped or stuck or stale I'll go see a great show just to get a touch of that excitement brewing inside of me.

AC: Any upcoming Luminarium projects you're excited about?
KH: Luminarium projects are synonymous with excitement, in my eyes!  I'm especially excited about our huge feature production for 2014, The Sleeprunner.  It will run December 5, 6, 12 and 13 at the Multicultural Arts Center (Cambridge), 8pm each night.  The Sleeprunner is a show about dreams- think of it as what your brain might experience during one particularly vivid night's sleep.  Merli (my co-director) and I are hard at work with our dancers creating pieces based on a variety of ideas involving dreams and dreaming,  experimenting with lighting and scenic elements and collaborating with costume designer Sueann Leung for some one-of-a-kind wearable pieces.  Tickets are available on the venue's website, http://www.multiculturalartscenter.org/, and more information can be found through Luminarium's social media stream and our own website, www.luminariumdance.org.  

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