June Events!

By Aisha Cruse

Fri & Sat, June 5 & 6 @ 8 pm
Sun, June 7 @ 5:30 pm
going forward...some digression
Presented by Across the Ages Dance Project
At Green Street Studios (185 Green ST Cambridge, MA)

Across the Ages Dance Project is dedicated to bringing together new and established choreographers to set work on an inter-generational group of dancers. Their 5th annual concert features work by Adriane Brayton, Peter DiMuro, William McLaughlin, Lynn Modell, James Morrow and Erica Schwartz. Monkeyhouse pretty firmly believes that you should never stop dancing, and ATAD seems to wholeheartedly agree.

Sun, June 7 - Sat, June 13
Dance for World Community
Presented by Jose Mateo Ballet Theater
In and around Harvard and Central Square
The Dance for World Community festival is pretty awesome, and brings dancers from all over Boston to stages in Harvard Square for showings that are open to the public and totally free. The exact performance schedule isn't posted yet, but in the past they've had everything from Ballet to Tango to Hip-hop featuring dancers of all ages. The Festival performances are on Saturday; Sunday will have a TalkAboutDance discussion, and the Dance on Film festival will happen Monday through Thursday at 8pm. The whole thing culminates in a dance party on Mass Ave between Central and Harvard, so if you can't make anything else, at least come dance in the street!

Jacob's Pillow summer-long dance festival kicks off next week and I strongly encourage you to check out the full list of performances and the schedule of Inside/Out events, which are always free. But for June, I personally recommend:

Sat, June 13 @ 8 pm
Sun, June 14 @ 2 pm
Three Acts, Two Dancers, One Radio Host
Ted Shawn Theater at Jacob's Pillow
$45- $75, limited quantity of $19 35-and-under tickets

If you ever listen to NPR, then you've probably heard This American Life host Ira Glass. This show came to Boston last year and I unfortunately couldn't go, but if I can find my way to Jacob's Pillow I would go for this show. Dance and Radio are sort of mutually exclusive art forms, but dancers Monica Bill Barnes and Anna Bass have come together with Mr. Glass to build a show around the one place where these mediums overlap - story telling. Let them sweep you away with their humor and grace.

Fri, June 19 @ 8:30 pm
Dancing in the Streets: The Team
Presented by the Somerville Arts Council
At Conway Basketball Court (Somerville Ave & Central Street, Somerville, MA)

The Team, headed up by Michelle Marroquin, will be preforming two 20 minute pieces, Business Casual and Mammals Dancing, which they describe as "two dances about control, desire and comfort." Not gonna lie, the full descriptions are weird, but in exactly the sort of way that makes me want to go see them.
Also, this is one event in a series, so definitely check out ALL THE EVENTS because they are ALL FREE.

Fri & Sat, June 26 & 27 @ 8 pm
The Good Parts of Being Alive
Featuring Anna Reyes Dance
Presented by the BCA Dance Residency
Mills Gallery at the BCA

If you've ever been to a Movement at the Mills show, you might have the barest inkling of what this evening entails. Dancer and Choreographer Anna Reyes has teamed up with Video Artist Tamara Al-Mashouk to explore how outside influences change the behavior of two people in love. The audience builds their own experience and relationship to the piece by walking through the Mills Gallery and exploring the installation and the performance from different angles, creating a completely unique, totally subjective experience. If you're drawn to immersive art, this is the show for you.

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