Congratulations to Aparna Sindoor

by Karen Krolak

As I was getting ready to teach at Impulse Dance Center on Tuesday night, I noticed that Aparna Sindoor, was on the cover of this month's Dance Magazine. Oh my stars and chickens, I was thrilled because I can't remember the last time that a Boston based choreographer was on their cover.

Aparna Sindoor is the third local choreographer, however, to be featured in Dance Magazine this year. Both Lorraine Chapman and Kinodance were included in the magazine's 2008 25 to Watch list. Having presented Kinodance's choreographer, Alissa Cardone's, work in a concert I produced in 2000 and been awed by Lorraine's work ever since I moved to Boston 12 years ago, I've been fortunate to witness the development of both of these artists. Kudos to Dance Magazine for recognizing some of the highlights of the Boston's dance community.

As a Board Member for the Boston Dance Alliance, I encourage everyone in the area and anyone who comes to visit to check out their website to discover our city's diverse spectrum of talented dance artists.

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