Politics are dancing

by karen Krolak

Last night I was on a panel for the Arts and Business Council of Greater Boston discussing their Business Volunteers for the Arts program. Through this program, Susan Hammond has donated an incredible number of hours creating a strategic plan and Advisory Board for Monkeyhouse. (Thank you, thank you, thank you, Susan!) This is a phenomenal program if you are a business person who wants to volunteer your expertise to an organization. I can't emphasize enough how many nonprofits are desperately seeking business volunteers.

After the panel, Alan Kravitz, Founder/President of the Infinite Inkwell, approached me with an interesting fact: Rahm Emanuel, who will soon be Obama's Chief of Staff, studied dance at the Joffrey Ballet and Sarah Lawrence College. According to Joshua Green's Rolling Stone Article, "Friends jokingly theorize that his toughness is actually an outgrowth of being a ballet dancer: With that sort of thing on your resume, you had better be ready to fight if you hope to survive in Chicago politics. " How delightfully ironic!

Thanks for drawing this to my attention, Alan. I hope you get matched with a deserving arts organization.

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