MONKEYHOUSE in Cool New York 2009 DANCE Festival!

Monkeyhouse is returning to New York City in just three weeks!

Karen Krolak and Jason Ries will be performing Pochemuchka on
Friday, January 30th- 7-8:30 and
Saturday, January 31- 9:00-10:30.

Nicole Harris and Karen Krolak will be performing Firk II on
Friday, January 30, 9-10:30 and
Sunday, February 1- 6:00-7:30!

Want to see both pieces? Don’t worry! The shows are FREE!!
Tickets are not available in advance, so be sure to get there early.
Don't live in New York but know someone who does? SPREAD THE WORD!

John Ryan Theatre
25 Jay St
Brooklyn, NY

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