Another Quick Conversation with a Critical Moves Choreographer - Karl Cronin

by Karen Krolak

Let's continue on with our spree of interviews today. Given my Somerville Artist Fellowship project, I am particularly interested in seeing Karl Cronin's Fieldnotes from Amur Corktree since it sprung from a series of walks he has been taking in Forte Green Park. There is something so thrilling about people investigating paralell creative processes. So strange to think that I never really realized our points of intersection when he lived in Boston. Thanks for bringing him back Alissa.

kK: Can you briefly describe your piece?

KC:This piece is an exploration of physical encounters collected during 10 minutes on March 3, 2009 near the Amur Corktree in Fort Greene Park, Brooklyn (NY). It is a distillation of what happened - both the meaningful and the quotidian.

kK: How did you begin developing it?

KC: I went to park on March 3, 2009 at 10:15am.
I set a timer for 10 minutes and began engaging with the environment, following my interests.
At the end of the 10 minutes, I went back over what happened.
Where did move?
What physicality did I embody?
What did I attend to in the environment?
I wrote these observations down and put them in my Field Log.

kK: What was your biggest challenge during the rehearsal process?
KC: Finding my exact physicality in the park so I could translate it to the stage.
For instance, when you walk up a hill, you pitch forward and stretch your calf.
When you replicate that on a flat surface, can you find those same "hill indicators" in your body?

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