A Quick Conversation with a Critical Moves Choreographer: Rebecca Pappas

By Karen Krolak

I relish the chance to discover new choreographers. So as I mentioned in the interview with Alissa Cardone, I am rather excited about her Critical Moves performance on Saturday night.

It would have been delightful to interview each of the choreographers at length but I didn't want to intrude on their preparations for tonight's concert. Instead, I sent out the same three quick questions to each person.

We'll start with Rebecca Pappas from California whose work has been presented at The Yerba Buena Gardens, ODC Theater, The Cowell Theater, Theater Artaud, Monterey Dance Festival, and Westwave/Summerfest.

kK: Can you briefly describe your piece?

RP: Thumbnail is a solo for small spaces that weaves together personal shames about appearance and body with larger political shames about my own Jewish heritage and the state of Israel.

kK: How did you begin developing it?

RP: It was actually developed as an assignment for a class at UCLA where I am working on my Master of Fine Arts in Choreography. It came from crossing a small study about abortion and the female body with a small study about the conflict in Palestine and my own sense of Jewish history.

kK: What was your biggest challenge during the rehearsal process?

RP: The biggest challenge during the rehearsal process is that this is a solo piece and there is no one else in the studio to keep me working or to let me know when I am on the "right" track. I am always more interested in being outside a piece that within it.

Fri March 20, 8pm & Sat March 21, 8pm
Green Street Studios Center for Movement & Dance,
185 Green Street (Central Sq) Cambridge, MA
Reservations at 617-864-3191
Tickets: $20/$15 students & BDA

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