Revolutions...more military movements

by Karen Krolak

Errg. I will not be back in the Boston area tonight which means that I will not be able to attend Revolutions at Springstep in Medford.  I was so looking forward to it after the rehearsal process from Coriolanus (which closes this weekend.) 

Isabel Fine, former Artistic Director of the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival, gathered experts from three different martial art forms, Capoiera, Chinese Wushu, and Kalari Ppayattu to create Revolutions. The idea for this evening of martial dance presented in the round evolved after a performance she curated for the opening of the Rose Kennedy Greenway last summer and she hopes that it may eventually tour New England.

If you have a chance to go, please let me know what you think. Last week I had a great conversation with one of the performers, Aparna Sindhoor, who was recently featured on the cover of Dance Magazine, and I should post some segments from that within a few days. 

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