Catch Kelli Edwards at Soaking WET

by Karen Krolak

Two years ago, David Parker mentored the Emerging Artist Concert at Green Street Studios and invited me to attend opening night with him. Over drinks at Rialto before the show, he raved about the trio that Kelli Edwards had developed during the project. Having seen Kelli's comedic choreography in Actor Shakespeare Project's Love's Labours Lost previously, I was somewhat surprised by David's descriptions of a more delicate and ethereal dance creation.

Her piece, This is What We're Doing Now, was an elegant exploration of weight sharing. Even when the dancers were not physically touching, it felt as though they were calmly attempting to maintain a precarious balance. Johan de Beshe and Irene Lutts melted effortlessly into Kelli's intricate physical vocabulary and share her introspective performing style. Their articulate limbs whispered nuances to match Schubert's muted tones.

This is What We're Doing Now is being remounted this weekend as part of Soaking WET, curated by David Parker, at the West End Theater in New York. If you have the chance, I highly recommend that you snag some tickets to see it.

Soaking WET
January 21-24, 2010
Christopher Caines, Kelli Edwards, Marta Miller & Aislinn MacMaster, Tiffany Mills, Kristi Spessard (Thursday-Saturday @ 7:00, Sunday @ 3:00) and Katherine Longstreth: Solo & Duets (Thursday-Sunday @ 8:30, Sunday @ 5:00).
Note: Tiffany Mills 1/21-22 only, Kristi Spessard 1/23-34 only
Special Performances: Amber Sloan: Sunken (Saturday @ 6:00, Sunday @ 1:00)
Tickets: $15/general, $10/artists.

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