Congrats to Three Friends in Chicago

by Karen Krolak

While on Facebook today, I ran across an announcement from Northwestern's Dance Department. Apparently, Time Out Chicago named pieces by Peter Carpenter, Julia Rhoads, and Molly Shanahan in their Best Dance Moments of the Decade list. Given how often these artists have inspired me, I am thrilled to see their work being recognized.

Sadly, I was not able to see any of the shows on the list. However, I might catch Julia's APAP showcase in New York this weekend and I will be working with her on a project I am curating for the Muliticultural Arts Center in Cambridge, MA in April. (More details coming soon.)

By the way, if you missed it, Peter shared insights about his creative process with Connect 2 Choreography back in October. Keep your fingers crossed and I will see if I can snag some time with Julia and Molly for a few upcoming posts.

Ok, now I must throw some clothes in a suitcase, pop by the Movement at the Mills program (featuring Mariah Steele, Screech to a Stop, and Michael Jahoda’s White Box Project), and catch a bus down to NYC.

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