Awesome Opportunity to Choreograph for Urbanity!

by karen Krolak

Have you ever had an idea for a dance piece but lacked the resources to create it?  Well then, dash over to Urbanity Dance's website and check out their Wildcard Choreographer position. There is no previous dance or choreography experience required and the resulting piece will debut at MIXTAPE at Boston University's Dance Theater on April 29-30, 2011.

The only qualifications that they outline for this gig are:
Creative mind
Interest in seeing your vision come to life!
The ability to demonstrate/explain your ideas to the dancers
Recommended that applicants can think spatially
*excellent candidates may have interest or experience in design, art or movement.

This is a rare chance to stretch your brain in a whole new direction. So take a chance, apply by February 28 (kwaq7aj', Monkeyhouse's resident canine choreographer's first birthday). Since the Packers were  able to swoop in and win the Super Bowl last Sunday, this could be the year for wildcards to shine. 

Ok, I am getting ready to leave for the opening night of Between Two Things at Green Street Studios. I am so excited to witness how the pieces evolve with an audience. There are still a few tickets available but reservations are filling up quickly.

After the Q and A, I will dart over to Davis Square to join Jason Ries at the opening night party for Actors Shakespeare Project's Cymbeline. Jason has been doing double duty as Production Manager and Lighting Designer on this show. Whew, what a week it has been around here.

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