Everybody Loves Lynn Schwab!

by Nicole Harris

One of our goals within Monkeyhouse is to support as many choreographers as possible so when we started putting together a list of who and what we'd like to have in Against the Odds I immediately thought of Lynn Schwab.  I have been lucky enough to perform her work at the past two TAP CITY shows and I am always amazed by her creativity, story telling and overall dedication to the art of choreography. 

While I have loved spending Monkeyhouse's 10th Anniversary Year in Boston, having the chance to study, work and spend time with Lynn is one of the biggest things I miss when I'm not in New York.  I am honored to have spent this weekend learning a new solo she created for me.  The piece is an adaptation of an excerpt from a larger work she is building which I'll be sure to tell you more about as it progresses.  

Here is a short sneak peek at some rehearsal footage from yesterday's rehearsal at ATDF.

Look out for more news on Lynn Schwab (and her upcoming trip to Boston!) soon!

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