Great Ideas for the Holidays and MORE!

Last week I told you about GoodDining, a new program from GoodSearch where you can eat out at your favorite restaurants and a percentage of your bill will be donated to Monkeyhouse.  Now I want to let you know about some other new, sneaky and exciting ways to help your favorite non-profit.  We've raised almost $10,000 so far!  Think of all the good you can do!

1.  Who do you GoodShop for?
We have been talking about GoodShop for years now, but as we get closer to the holidays and you start all that shopping you want to keep GoodShop in mind.   A percentage of your online shopping from clothes to groceries to electronics from thousands of retailers will go to Monkeyhouse if you shop via GoodShop.  Just head over to their website, say that you are GoodShopping for Monkeyhouse, browse the coupons available for the stores you already shop at and start buying!  Your donation will automatically go to Monkeyhouse.  If you're like me and tend to forget about GoodShop until it's too late then you want to get this handy-dandy GoodShop toolbar!  It will tell you when sites you're on are available on GoodShop, what percentage will go to Monkeyhouse and even how many coupons are available.  It's as easy as pie!

2.  Barnes & Noble Bookfair
Here's the deal: For anything you buy online at Barnes & Noble from December 1st-5th (using the code #10605954) a percentage will go to Monkeyhouse. It's that simple.  Are you sick of holiday gifts that don't do much more than sit on a shelf? Here's a way to make those holiday expenditures reach even further. Head on over to bn.com/bookfairs, enter the Bookfair ID #10605954 and a percentage of your purchases will go towards Monkeyhouse's Developing Dance Literacy Campaign. Just think, not only will your loved ones love the books you get them, but they'll be part of creating something amazing!

Join us in the Framingham store on December 1st for interactive dance activities and impromptu performances by Monkeyhouse and Friends (including the Natick High School Drama Department, Seven's Not Enough, a student run a cappella group and more!) buy a book to donate to your local library and even get your purchases gift wrapped by a Monkey!

3.  Become a Year Long Supporter of Monkeyhouse!
As we head into Season 11 we want to offer you the option of becoming a year long supporter of YOUR favorite part of Monkeyhouse.  Whether you want your donation to go towards infrastructure or to help your favorite company member, by clicking the DONATE NOW button next to your choice you will send a small donation once a month to help support Season 11--Outside Voices.

Check out all the places you can make a difference by heading over to our new website!

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