Heidi Henderson, Meghan McLyman, Micki Taylor-Pinney Mentoring Emerging Artists Program

by karen Krolak

As I mentioned earlier today, deadlines for choreographic opportunities are sprouting up all over Boston. Get your fingers waltzing around the keyboard quickly because Friday, March 2 at 5:00PM is also the deadline for Green Street Studios' Summer 2012 Emerging Artists Award Program. You can get insider insight on this program from EA Alumni, Jillian Grunnah here.

Mentors for the Summer 2012 session are:
Heidi Henderson
Meghan McLyman (EA Alumni), 
and Micki Taylor-Pinney.

This program is designed to provide infrastructure for choreographers, to create new work, and to provide deep, ongoing mentorship between experienced and early-to-mid-career choreographers. The Emerging Artist Award provides the opportunity for New England-based choreographers to be in residence at Green Street Studios from March to June 2012.

Green Street Studios will provide selected choreographers with:
  •  Mentor/Choreographers, 
  •  40 hours of rehearsal space per awardee for the creation of new work
  • piece presented in a fully produced concert on June 15th & 16th 2012 at 8pm (dress rehearsal June 14th at 8pm). 
Click here for application pdf

Program Requirements: -
  • professional experience in contemporary dance 
  • past award recipients (within the last year) are not eligible 
  • must be able to schedule and use 40 hours of rehearsal space effectively
  •  must be ready to create 20 minutes of new work 
  • group work only, no solos please 
  • must be interested in collaborating with other artists 
  • applicant must commit to attend all mentoring sessions with their dancers (see Scheduling, below)
  • if accepted, must be willing to be a volunteer alumni mentor for potential future EA cycles
Once accepted, choreographers will have until the middle of March 2012 to work on their piece; they must be able to show two minutes of work on the piece they intend to show on Sunday, March 25th from 1:30- 5:00pm (Subject to Change)  All Choreographers must be able to attend 2 additional mentorship sessions with all their dancers on Sunday, April 15th & Sunday, June 3rd from 1:30-5:00pm (Subject to Change)

Questions? Email info@greenstreetstudios.org

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