A Giant Patriots' Palindrome

by Barry Duncan

The photo credit: Barry's sister Sally
As you may have heard, Monkeyhouse is collaborating on a new solo for Nikki Sao Pedro with Barry Duncan as part of our Outside Voices season. Barry is a Master Palindromist (His sweatshirt, pictured to the left, was a gift from his friend Gladys on his palindromic 55th birthday.)who has created some incredibly clever and emotionally evocative texts for our piece. To give you a taste of his remarkable mind, feel free to feast on this Super Bowl inspired palindrome as you countdown to kick off.

When I woke up on Monday morning, January 23, I learned that the New York Giants would oppose the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI, giving the Patriots an opportunity to avenge their Super Bowl XLII loss.

Having grown up (in the Philadelphia area) rooting for an NFC team, and living now in AFC territory (in the Boston area), I felt uniquely qualified to write a balanced palindrome about the big game.

I tried to mention as many New York players as New England players, all the team owners, Madonna (who will appear at the half during the game and who also appears at the half in this palindrome), FOX Sports, and so on.

By Friday the 27th, the palindrome was 585 characters long; I thought my work was done.  Then I heard on Sunday that Kelly Clarkson would be singing the national anthem.  I decided to open the palindrome with the anthem and to make the ending a bit more dramatic.  On the 30th, one week after I began work on it, this Super Bowl palindrome (699 characters long) was completed.

Hope you like it.

Super Bowl XLVI

We now open: “O say” as is. So belt it now, hon, or if one more? Her! A rare KC. (I know.)
Had NE revenge, Bill, or no? W? On top? Same?
To get a flag: Ellis. Tip it! Won't Osi? One to NY. (Name it now.) NE position: on one.
Curt et al? Aces all. It's on! Turn a FOX on.
War day, eh? Din. Oh, sure. Now, as if it's a Feb. 5 SB. Tame?!
Set. Is opposition we felt? It's so. Two: NY v. NE.
(No risk, nor gain.)
I. Red. Now. Hut! I note: Ball up. No! Wide! Rah!
Seen Kraft (On), Mara (foot), ST (is a hero).
Tom era: W, an ad. Still? Or met Eli?
Madonna fan? Nod. Am I!
Let 'em roll. It's Dan (a Ware). Motor, eh?
As it's too far? Am not far. Knee.
Shared? I won? Pull. A bet on it? Uh, wonderin' --
I a Gronk, sir. On! Envy?
Now toss. Title? Few. No, it is opposites: EM, a TB's 5.
Be fast! If I saw one rush on, I'd –
Hey, a draw! (No XO, fan.) Rut? No, still a sec.
A late truce? No, no, no! It is open. Won? Tie? Many note, no? Is OT now.
Tip? It's illegal. (Fate got 'em.) A spot. Now on roll.
(I beg: Never end.)
Ah! Won! Kicker a rare hero. Men of iron (oh!) won title, boss. I say: as one. Pow! One W.

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k said...

My apology to Barry. When the post first published something when wrong and a few lines were dropped from his palindrome. We have never had that happen before and not sure why it did. We have now corrected it.


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