Back to School Shopping!

We've done a lot of talking recently about donating to Monkeyhouse.  If you're anything like me you get those things from organizations you love and then look at your bank account and realize you can't afford to donate this year.  Again.  Well, have no fear!  There are TONS of ways you can donate by doing things that you already do every day!  Today we'd like to talk about back to school.  It's an expensive time for every parent and college student.  There are books, bedspreads, posters, dishes, backpacks, notebooks, snacks and so much more that need to be purchased.  Here's the amazing news--  if you do all your online shopping using GoodShop not only will a percentage of your sales be donated to Monkeyhouse but you get coupons and discounts to all the stores you already shop at!

Who doesn't go to Staples during the back to school spending spree?  Well, they have 22 coupons available and they donate 2% of your purchase to whatever organization you GoodShop for!  2% might not seem like much to you, but think about how much you spend and the multiply that by all your friends who ALSO have to do back to school shopping...  All of a sudden 2% is looking a whole lot bigger!

Here's how this works:
1.  Visit GoodShop.  (http://www.goodsearch.com/nonprofit/monkeyhouse.aspx)
2.  It should say "We give money to Monkeyhouse (Medford - MA) every time you search the web and shop online." right below the search box.  If it doesn't, it should direct you to select your organization.
3.  Start shopping using the GoodShop button.  GoodShop works with thousands of online retailers from Target to Old Navy to Apple.  Check out the coupons and then you will be automatically redirected to the store's website.

Not good at remembering to start with GoodShop?  Check out the GoodShop toolbar!  It's small and unobtrusive but it reminds you when sites you're on have GoodShop coupons available to you!

While you're over there be sure to check out the other ways GoodSearch is helping non-profits including GoodDining and much more!  Don't forget, the biggest way you can help Monkeyhouse is word of mouth.  The more people who GoodShop the more artists Monkeyhouse can support!

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