Happy August Birthdays!

Happy Birthday to Jillian Grunnah
By Courtney Wagner

Happy Birthday Jillian!

I first met Jillian in 2009, when I took her jazz class at the American College Dance Festival in Orono, Maine.  I met her again at the 2009 BDA audition where she gave me some tips on where to take classes.  At the time she was dancing with Bosoma and teaching and described it as something along the lines of of a little crazy, but more than worth it.  In 2011, Jillian was one of Green Street Studio's Emerging Artists along with Monkeyhouse's Nicole Harris.  Her work in that concert was the predecessor to the development of Spunk and COmpany, founded in 2011.  With two concerts (Eleven September 2011, and 1 x 7 June 2012) under her belt and a new 501c3 nonprofit status, Jillian has certainly been busy in the last year.  Congratulations Jillian!  We hope many more exciting things are heading your way.

More birthday shout outs to these Monkeyhouse Supporters and Choreographers!  Monkeyhouse Loves You!

Happy Birthday To:
Bril Barrett, Derek Roland, Kelly Long, Laurie Sales, Ed Ryan, Drew, Jilly Richcrick, Joshua Legg Jeremy Wechsler, and Zoe Wechsler.

Know a choreographer or dancer we missed who celebrates a birthday in August?  Let us know! 

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