Feedback from Opening Night

Monkeyhouse's dear friend, Steve Wightman,  sent us a lovely response to last night's performance. We share it in the hopes that it might spark more conversation online and keep the spirit of our sPoRK alive. Please feel free to share your thoughts and comments.

Hi Karen;

Wow! I was fully impressed by all the performances last night. Everyone was terrific! I think I liked the tethered duo most for its creativity and spunk and I loved your open hearted improvisation sharing your thoughts and trials. If you were the luckiest person in the room please count me 2nd for the honor of seeing a phoenix rise again. I thought the overall theme was transcendence. Life hands out a script that’s often impossible to live as written so we rewrite it and then perform it as best we can. The dancers last night broke through with outstanding performances beyond what I thought their bodies ought to be able to do. It was so inspiring to me. It makes me want to write poetry.

Congratulations and warmest regards,

Steve Wightman.
Certified Financial Planner®

PS: You may quote me on any of this on the Web.

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