Monkeyhouse LOVES Josh Hilberman!

by Katelyn Alcott

photo by Liza Voll

Josh Hilberman is a tap dancer out of
Boston, known especially for his jazzy-vaudeville style of dance. Hilberman has featured in over sixty tap and jazz festivals from Boston all the way to Barcelona and Australia. He has performed at New York’s Lincoln Center as well as three years with Manhattan Tap.

Among Hilberman’s many teachers is tap pioneer Brenda Bufalino, with whom he has an on going mentorship. In 2008-2009 the two produced a show, in collaboration with tap dance all-star Drika Overton, called "Off the Beaten Path: a Jazz and Tap Odyssey."

Hilberman learned his famous jazz improvisation
al style through working with several musicians including drummer Alan Dawson and noted pianist and composer Paul Arslanian. His efforts have earned him many an award including: the 2005 National Endowment for the Arts/Dance USA National College; Choreography Initiative Award; the 2006 Premi Claqueta from the dancers of Barcelona,Spain for significant contributions to the tap community; and the 2009 Presidential Scholars Teachers Recognition Award. Hilberman’s many accolades are mere notice of the great quality of work he produces, in his teaching and performing of dance.

Hilberman has been coloring the tap world with his quirky and creative numbers for over twenty years. This year, Monkeyhouse is honored to have him as a guest performer in the Against the Odds: Imperfect(ive) experiments.

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