From Your Friends at Monkeyhouse

Dear Friends:

Every month I send out dozens of emails, do endless amounts of research and more dragging and dropping (and copying and pasting) than you would ever think possible to get this newsletter together.  Some months it all seems to fall into place, others it's like pulling teeth.  Earlier this year I was feeling unsure about the whole process when arts supporter, musician and director of the Multicultural Arts Center, Shelley Neill, took me aside one day to tell me that she reads every word over breakfast and since then has often come in to discuss one article or another.  Shelley's enthusiasm reminded me to step back and look at how the newsletter has grown over the years and how many amazing people go into it's production every month.

Recently, company member Aisha Cruise has taken the reigns of the Upcoming Events listing and done amazing things with it.  You can even submit your own upcoming events to her to be considered for the listing!  Another of our newest company members, Sarah Friswell, has become what we like to call "team copy and paste" and takes every article and gets it up on to Monkeyhouse's blog for the coming month.  Every member of the company (Nikki, Sarah, Courtney & Caitlin) steps up to write articles, share ideas and help with the endless research.  Not to be left out, our interns (David, Katelyn, Rosie and Marie) are article writing machines, too!  And, of course, hard at work (occasionally) behind the scenes are the other two thirds of the "Momentum Committee" and my favorite partners in crime, Karen and Jason.

None of what you see here would be possible without each and every one of these amazing people.  I am always honored and grateful to have them by my side on stage, in the studio and here on your computer screen.  Please take a minute to thank them if you see them!  They deserve it!

In the past few months we've also begun having some wonderful guest writers.  It has been so exciting to watch the newsletter grow with these fabulous additions!  I am thrilled to share with you this month's guests, two brilliant choreographers who just so happen to be eloquent writers as well.  If you're a regular reader here you are already familiar with David Parker and Ryan Casey, so they need no introduction.

The last thing that makes me love curating this newsletter is YOU!  Whether you share your good things on Facebook, send me a note (like the ones I used to get from Rita Krolak every month) about what you've read or forward the newsletter on to someone new, you are the most important part of what we do.  Monkeyhouse is all about creating communities and cultivating conversations.  So if you have a comment about an article, have a topic you'd like someone to cover or just want to say hi, please don't be shy!  I love hearing from each and every one of you!

I hope you're enjoying your summer!

Love - 
Nicole and All Your Friends at Monkeyhouse

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