Happy Birthday Andrew Nemr!

by Nicole Harris

While in New York I was lucky enough to spend some time studying with Andrew Nemr.  His classes always managed to challenge me and keep me on my toes.  (By which I mean completely befuddle me (in a good way).  The man's brain works on a level that I do not.)  Andrew is a wonderful performer and a strong tap dance advocate.  He has dedicated himself to the performance, education and promotion of both the art of tap dance and its history.   

Andrew began the Tap Legacy Foundation alongside his mentor, Gregory Hines, to create a home for the art of tap dance.  In last decade TLF has produced concerts and tap jams, become an online resource about tap history and generated support for current and upcoming tap dancers and choreographers.

Andrew is the director of Cats Paying Dues and has performed extensively as a soloist as well as with numerous musicians and as founding member of Savion Glover's TiDii.    

This month, Andrew celebrates is birthday, so make sure you wish him a happy one! 

We would also like to wish a very happy birthday to the rest of our July babies...

Aisha Cruse, Renee Harris, Twyla Tharp, Michael Flatley, Ginger Rogers, Edgar Degas, Katelyn Alcott, Randall Rosenberg, Jon Wye, Rachel Solem, Ruth Birnburg, Marie Libbin, Lisa Conley, Arleigh Rothenberg, Pam Lenker, Theresa Fellion, Nicole KedaroeJason LaVoie, Jessica Friswell, and Dorothy Mahoney.

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