Spring Choreo_cUPDATE

The Choreo_Cup has had so many adventures during April! Be sure to follow it on Instagram (@Choreo_Cup) to see where it goes!

What? You aren't sure what the Choreo_Cup is? Here's the scoop. In March, Monkeyhouse started a project called A Year in the Life of a Cup where we ask people to be stewards for the Choreo_Cup (he's the one with the little guy on him). All we ask in return is that you document your time with the cup in the journal that travels with him. You can write poems, doodle, make lists or any number of other documenting techniques that appeal to you. At the end of the year (which just so happens to be Amelia O'Dowd's birthday) we will take the journal and use it as the basis of a dance piece. In the meantime, we have a number of other cups (including Hey Girl and theRehearsal Cup) that we've been playing with in the studio and out in the world. You can follow along with the project on Instagram (@Choreo_Cup).

Want more information? Check out this interview with Karen about the project!

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