Skort - |skôrt| - n.

     1. shorts with full legs and a central flap in front (via Websters)
     2. a short showing of work in progress (via Monkeyhouse)

Here at Monkeyhouse we believe in collaboration wholeheartedly. That collaboration doesn't end with the artists in the studio but extends to the conversations and feedback we get from each one of you. While building new pieces, we hold events called Skorts to invite you in to our creative process. At the Skort the choreographer or performers ask viewers questions to get insight about the audience's experience. Based on the resulting conversation, we may choose to try the piece again using different variables like new music or adding an extra prop or costume.

At our recent Skort at the Multicultural Arts Center in Cambridge, Nikki and Nicole showed a piece they had built for NACHMO (National Choreography Month) where Nikki receives a series of prompts via a clothesline stretched across the stage. Upon suggestion from the audience, a second version of the piece was improvised with Sam joining Nikki in collecting prompts from the clothesline and off the floor where Nikki had discarded them. The addition of a second person completely changed how people saw Nikki's interaction with the clothesline and how the clothesline itself existed within the space. It is exciting to explore these ideas in real time and to feel so connected to our supporters.

As we create new work and restage old work for our 15th Anniversary Concert in October, we will be holding a series of Skorts to keep you involved in the process. You can find more information here or on Facebook! Hope we will see you at one (or all!) of them!

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