Calling All Choreographers!

As we gear up to get the ball moving on our Wicked Awesome Choreographers' Campaign, we are trying to collect basic information about choreographers. It will be helpful to Monkeyhouse and the participants of the campaign to have a database of choreographers. This database will also serve as a nice go-to for people looking for ideas on pages to create for Wikipedia.

So, if you are a choreographer out there, Monkeyhouse would love love love if you would send us a wee bit of information:

1. Birthday
2. Genre of Dance
3. Hometown
4. Other Town Associated With (i.e. currently reside or work in)
5. Company Affiliation, if any
6. Contact Information

Also, when sending us your information, if you could note whether you would be willing to be contacted by someone researching choreographers, that would be great.

Please send the information to monkeyhouseblog@gmail.com.

Thanks for all your help with this campaign.

And for all you "non-choreographers" out there, please continue to think about and get involved with the Wicked Awesome Wikipedia Choreograpers' Campaign, and feel free to contact Monkeyhouse for any suggestions on how you can help.

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