Shop For Monkeyhouse!

As you are all doing our back-to-school shopping, why not raise money for Monkeyhouse at the same time!?

By using GoodShop, you can shop online at all of your favorite stores, and, as you purchase items, a certain percentage will be donated to Monkeyhouse.

Every time you click over to one of the partner merchants from the GoodShop site, such as Amazon, Walmart, and Nordstrom, and then make a purchase, Monkeyhouse earns money. The more you shop, the more we make!

Simply go to www.goodsearch.com and click on the GoodShop link or go to www.goodshop.com. In the "Who do you GoodSearch for" box, type in Monkeyhouse.

Next, click through to the partner retailers and start shopping! A percentage of your purchase will go to Monkeyhouse.

Monkeyhouse would like to thank you all for your continuous support.

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