2010 USD LAB Guest Artist - Monkeyhouse!

Hooray! More good news...Monkeyhouse has been selected to be the 2010 Union Street Dance (USD) LAB guest artist!

Q: What is the USD LAB?
A: USD LABS are led by seasoned Guest Artists who know how to have fun and play in the studio. Participants gain hands-on experience while gathering insight into their own creative process.

Q: When did this start?
A: According to Eva Dean, Founder of the Union Street Dance studio and Eva Dean Dance, "The inauguration of our USD guest artist workshops was in 2006. At that time it was called the 'USD Repertoire Workshop' and was led by Kristen Hollinsworth of Susan Marshall & Company. Last year we changed the name of the workshop to the USD LAB and shifted the focus away from repertoire and towards creative process."

Q: Kristen Hollinsworth is an amazing performer. Who else has been a USD LAB artist?
A: Let's see, Francine Ott, Keely Garfield and Erica Essner.

Q: Wow, that is quite an impressive collection of choreographers. Congratulations, Monkeyhouse. So, where is Union Street Dance?
A: It is really easy to find in Park Slope, Brooklyn. If you take the R train to Union Street, it is only a block away at 725 Union Street, Studio B.

Q: So, this means that Monkeyhouse will be teaching classes in New York?
A: Yes, Karen Krolak will be leading a series of workshops on Friday afternoons in May. There will be more about those in an upcoming post.

Q: And, are these classes open to the public? Can I take them?
A: Of course, and feel free to bring your dancing friends. USD LABs are just right for open minded and adventurous dancers and choreographers. These workshops give participants a jump start in expanding movement potential and choreographic intent.

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