Best of Boston!!!

by karen Krolak

Last night as Jason and I were driving to the Sherman Cafe to participate in one of the Somerville Reads (For the programs inaugurual year, Somerville is reading The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien, one of our favorite books) programs, my G1 phone buzzed to announce that an email had arrived. I am glad that I took a moment to check it as it was a lovely message from our neighboor, Robyn informing the building that both Actors' Shakespeare Project (Best Theater Company) and Monkeyhouse (Best Dance Troupe) won in the Boston Phoenix's Best of Boston Readers' Poll.

At the Sherman Cafe, we had a few minutes to browse the rest of the winners and discovered that the Arts at the Armory building where Jason works won two awards. JP Licks, where Nicole makes ice cream when she is in Boston, was also dubbed Best Ice Cream.

Thanks to all of you who make Monkeyhouse such a vital and exciting organization. Monkeyhouse really does love you. As we have said before, without 'U' we would just be Monkeyhose!


Susan C Hammond said...

Bravo! Well deserved!


k said...

Thanks Susan, you are such a huge part of what makes Monkeyhouse thrive. Thanks for all of your hours as a Business Volunteer. By the way, to all of you that haven't read Susan's book, The Advisory Board Kit, it is a great reference tool to help businesses grow.


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