Groton School Residency (part 1)

by karen Krolak

How did you spend your Patriot's Day? If you live outside of New England, were you even aware of today's holiday? By any chance was anyone part of the throngs cheering on the Boston marathon runners?

As much as Monkeyhouse admires anyone with enough stamina to endure that legendary course from Hopkinton to Back Bay, I headed out in the opposite direction today. For the second year in a row, I scooted out Route 2 towards Groton to begin a week long residency at the Groton School.

I was in the black box studio for a few hours and I thought you might enjoy seeing images of the space. Good lord, that school has facilities that would make professionals weep with joy. (Wait til I include a some shots of the main stage.) Oh, and I also threw in a few fun shots from a few of my movement sketches.

While I was noodling around, I stumbled upon a sound piece that I began last year. It was a based on a text that I developed after one of my neighborhood strolls as part of my 2009 Artist Fellowship from the Somerville Arts Council. At the time, Anne Bluethenthal contacted me about creating a sound design for her re-worked version of a piece entitled Spine for her concert, Pluto in Capricorn. I crafted several different drafts of soundscapes using the text but they didn't quite fit the piece. Towards the end of my rehearsal, I began editing it again...perhaps this belongs somewhere in Monkeyhouse's latest creation which stole some inspiration from Spine. I will keep you posted.

Well, I am headed back to Boston now to attend the IRNE awards ceremony. The event is free by the way. So if you are available at 7PM, stop by the Boston Center for the Arts Cyclorama to find out first hand who is going to win Best Choreography. I am so excited just to be nominated. Thanks again to all the staff at Actors' Shakespeare Project and the cast and crew of Coriolanus.

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