Boomtown is Back - Be on the lookout for Monkeyhouse

by Karen Krolak

Yikes, in all the excitement about our 10th anniversary season, we forgot to mention that Monkeyhouse will be returning to the Boomtown festival in Cambridge, MA. Thank goodness, the Boston Globe remembered to get the word out for us. They featured a charming picture of Julia Marx and Gaby Mervis in Centanni Courtyard during the first Boomtown Festival in 2008. The photo of Princess Pamplemousse to the right is from the same year.

This time, Monkeyhouse will be presenting a dance intervention that explores the choreographic concept of accumulation starting at 5:30 on Thrusday, July 8th and Thursday, July 15th. We are sandwiched in between a Blues Jam Session for Kids with the Jeff Robinson Trio and the DCR Organ Trio. The event is kid-friendly and FREE so slather on some sunscreen, pack up some water bottles, and join us.

I am thrilled to announce that we will have a new dancer, Courtney Wagner, cavorting with us in heart shaped goggles (Don't tell Nicole that I "borrowed" them from her anti-ossification costume. Hmmm...I wonder if she will notice when she subs in for Nikki next week?). Courtney has been a regular at our recent spate of Musings and I am quite certain that you will be thoroughly charmed by her.

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