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At the end of many previous performances there have been hundreds of programs left littering the theater. So, as part of our ongoing efforts to improve our environmental impact and to focus our financial resources on programming, we are posting out program online.


- Inspired by research from the 2009 Somerville Arts Council Fellowship & the Somerville Tiznit exchange

Presented by Monkeyhouse
at Art Beat
at the Somerville Theatre
July 17, 2010

Lighting Design by Jason Ries
Costume Design by Karen Krolak

Drouken (1999)
Choreographed by Karen Krolak
Performed by Nicole Harris
Music by Tricolor
Special Thanks to Yvonne York

Dream of the Rhinoceros (premiered at Bent Wit Cabaret, 2010)
Created by Rhino PreservesMusic Composed by Trygve Madsen

Zizz (premiered at First Night Boston, 2008)
Choreographed by Karen Krolak in collaboration with Nikki Sao Pedro and Caitlin Meehan
Performed by Caitlin Meehan and Nikki Sao Pedro
Music by Uncle Monsterface
Blanket by Amelia O'Dowd

Anti-Ossification (premiered at Cool New York Dance Festival, 2010)
Choreographed and Performed by Karen Krolak and Nicole Harris
Music by Combustible Edison
Developed in part during a residency at The Groton School
Special Thanks to Laurie Sales

A., B., C., D. All of the Above (premiere)
Choreographed and Performed by Caitlin Meehan
Music by Nigel Kennedy and the Kroke Band, Lost In The Trees
Special Thanks to Caitlin's family and Monkeyhouse

Fidelius (premiere)
Choreographed by Nicole Harris
Performed by Nikki Sao Pedro and Nicole Harris
Music by David Wechsler
Costumes by Nicole Harris
Special Thanks to Caitlin Meehan, Ashley Chandler, Shane Rutkowski and David Wechsler (check out his new album here for FREE!)

Odds (A Work in Progress)
Choreographed by Karen Krolak in collaboration with Caitlin Meehan, Nikki Sao Pedro and Nicole Harris
Sound by Rudy Trubitt, Aaron Ximm
Special Thanks to Sarah Feinberg, Julia Marx, Rowan Salem and Sarah Friswell

Thank Yous

Art Beat
College Planners LLC
Impulse Dance Center
Arlington Center for the Arts
Arts and Business Council of Greater Boston
Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center
Exit Theater
Marquette Associates
Uncle Monsterface
David Wechsler
Jacob's Pillow Choreographers' Lab
Actors' Shakespeare Project
Rachel Strutt
Gregory Jenkins
Brent Sullivan
Nile Foley
Pat and Rita Krolak
Danalynne Wheeler
Freya Bernstein
Cathy & Joe Lynn

John Aceto & Natalie Pino

Austin & Sarah de Besche
Gillian Brecker
Robyn Keske & Fay Robinson
Steve Wightman and Peggy Wacks
Freya Bernstein and Dr. Martin Broff
Joan and Robert Parker
Richard Miner and Corinne Nagy
Tim Losch and Brandi Brooks
Susan and Gib Hammond
Tom and Viz Ries
Nicky Felix
Dot and Tom Christian
Joan and Roger Panek
LuAnn and Jim Pagella
Kathryn Stieber
Dr. and Mrs. Owen Bernstein
Jon Schaffrath
Drs. Carlos Estrada and Bita Tabesh
Paul Feiss and Margaret McKenna
Pat and Lizzie Krolak
Michael and Carly Krolak
Dr. Michael Shannon
Dave Pavkovic and Becca Rossen
Stephen, Meera and Cody Werther
Christina Augello
Pam and Steve Harris
Marjorie Freeman
Gillian Brecker and Seth Mason
Donna and James Rosenberg
Mike and Judy Panaro
Penny Penniston and Jeremy Wechsler
Tom and Dot Christian
Karen and Mark Slutsky
Amelia O'Dowd and Brian Eastman
Beth McGuire and Nathaniel Panek
Gail and Rick Fine
Adele Traub
Marty Allen
Eric Phelps
Margaret Hagemeister
Anne Howarth and Rick Frank
Martha Christensen and Neal Smyth
Michael Wissner
Julia Blatt
Suzanne Jenkins
Joanne Dougan
Mark Zuroff
Zach Galvin
Shelley Neill
John Aceto and Natalie Pino
Mara Blumenfeld
Irene Gaetani
Gaby Mervis
Sarah Friswell
Sarah Feinberg
Ashley Chandler
Janine Harrington
Leah Sakala
Michael Maggio
Lynn Schwab
Gail & Rick Fine
Niles Welch
Denise & Carlos Sao Pedro
Endicott College
Kristin Bezio
Tori Woodhouse
Bari Rosenberg
Sarah Friswell
...and of course,
Lynne Anne Blom
Timothy O’Slynne

Please feel free to email us at MonkeyhouseLovesME@gmail.com with any questions or comments, if you don't want to post them here.

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